Pricing custom framing on a website or on the phone is exceptionally difficult because framing is a custom service and product.  A big part of our service is working with you to hear what you are trying to accomplish in your home decor with this piece of art, showing you design ideas you didn’t even know existed, and helping you select the perfect combination of mats, frames, fillets, mounting, glazing, and conservation services from a huge set of possibilities.

We don’t play games with pricing.  The chain stores artificially inflate their regular prices and have “sales” all the time. Our regular prices are comparable to their sale prices, but we are honest and consistent with our pricing and give you good value every day.  Check out this link to the New York Attorney General’s website to get a glimpse of deceptive chain store practices.

Your custom framing is not a commodity for which pricing can be done easily without knowing the size of the piece, which of our 2000 frames and 600 mats you will use, and what other services you need.  We are happy to talk about these issues on the phone, but please remember that price shopping for custom framing on the phone will be a frustrating experience for you, since many assumptions (often incorrect) will have to be made.

We love to help you find the perfect framing design for your art or object.  There is never any obligation when you get a design consultation and price quote.  And we can work with your budget.  Please bring in your art so we can help you with our design expertise.  It will be fun to design together, and we can make your art look its best – and give you an accurate and good-value price.