Amazing Transformation!

We love helping you find the perfect design for your art. What we might love even more, is helping bring new life to a piece of art you have loved for a long time!

That is exactly what happened to a recent customer. Mary brought in her wonderful watercolor that she purchased at the Edina Art Fair about 30 years ago. She has loved the art, but over time the framing had become very dated and distracting. After framing some other items with us, she finally decided it was this watercolor’s turn, and what a transformation!

Here is the original framing.

A large peach mat surrounding the watercolor with a worn and dated wood frame. The bright mat makes it hard to focus on the subtle colors within the image.

Here is the new finished framing.

Wow! What a transformation! The soft greenish-gray top mat blends to the background and allows the bright colors in the art to come forward. Look how much easier it is to see the flowers and the butterfly! Mary was thrilled to see new life in her art.

We are so glad to have worked with Mary and appreciate her willingness to share her framing experience with everyone.

Now it is your turn to bring in your old art and see what we can do for you!

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