Geometry Daily Prints

Geometry Daily Prints

In his project “Geometry Daily”, Tilman Zitzmann creates a new geometric minimal composition every day. These designs make wonderful prints for the home or office!

Here are just a few examples of his works.

“I love geometry. Lines, curves, rectangles, circles, triangles. They are a simplification of our real world, but also they’re building blocks. Geometry, like physics or mathematics, defines how our world is constructed. I find endless beauty in this construction. I see God in there.

These days our lives are filled with complex dependencies. Many strive for simplicity. Me too. I want to concentrate on the relevant things. That is why I like to focus on one idea and execute it straight-forward. No-fuss. To let it shine. Also for me as a creative, it is interesting to see how much effort I have to put into the artworks to make something unique, but also as simple as possible. This is not a restriction at all, it sparks my creativity.”

Tilman Zitzman is an interaction and graphic designer from Nuremberg, Germany. He works at the local Institute of Technology and teaches interaction design.

See more of Tilmann Zitzmann’s works at

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New Art Available – Fall 2019

New Art Available – Fall 2019

We are pleased to share some of our new inventory acquired this fall from a variety of wonderful artists. Take a look below!

Familiar Favorites include:

  • Carlyn Janus
  • Beki Kilorin
  • Brett Varney
  • Martha Pfanshcmidt
  • John Baker
  • R. Keaney Rathbun
  • Tony Turpin
  • Stephan McMillan
  • John August Swanson

New Artist Additions:

  • Olga de Jesus Chuqui
  • Alix Stefan
  • Mark Davenport
  • Arnold Igor
Framing for the Holidays

Framing for the Holidays

As you begin planning for the holiday season, start taking out your various decorations, and making your lists, please remember to consider this about your framing…

Custom Framing Takes Time

Choosing a design for your artwork can go quickly, but the design process often takes 15-30 minutes. We know you are busy during the holidays, but please plan accordingly when making your visit to the store.

We do our best to get your art back to you in a timely manner, but we do need time to order materials and complete the framing process. Fortunately for you, our regular turnaround is about a week. Get your framing order in while there is still time!


Finding that perfect piece of art to frame for a loved one is awesome. If you need assistance shipping your art safely, we offer a “pack to ship” service that makes it easy.

For larger pieces, we recommend using acrylic rather than glass. Acrylic is lighter in weight and less likely to shatter. We also offer Optium Museum Acrylic which prevents fading, is shatter resistant, and eliminates glare.


When you are ready to start taking down your art and decorations, remember to store your art in a safe place. The ideal places for storage are dry, dark and temperature-controlled. Often the most convenient spots, like an unfinished basement, attic, or garage, are the WORST places to store art. Take care of your art, and it will last much longer!

Dogfish Media prints are now available!

Dogfish Media prints are now available!

If you don’t know the name now, you’ll soon learn. Brian Geihl, owner and operator of Dogfish Media, has been doing screen printing and graphic design work in the Twin Cities for over a decade. His larger projects have included being commissioned by the Minnesota Vikings, creating concert posters for US Bank Stadium, and doing can and box labels for 612 Brew.

Fortunately for us, he also makes captivating (and affordable) screenprints that portray the feeling of Minnesota. Take a look below at the prints available and stop by our shop to purchase your own!

See more of Brian’s work at

Cool Things We’ve Framed Lately – Fall 2019

Cool Things We’ve Framed Lately – Fall 2019

You all keep bringing in cool things, and we keep doing our best to frame them to your liking. Here are some cool things we have done lately!

Michael is getting married!

Michael is getting married!

It has been a big year for Michael, having completed the purchase of Carter Avenue Frame Shop from Tim to become the sole owner. However, the biggest event this year for Michael will be his wedding day to his most lovely fiance, Rachael!

Michael and Rachael’s wedding is September 27th, 2019. Due to events surrounding the wedding, Carter Avenue Frame Shop will be closed from September 26th-September 28th. Regular store hours will resume on September 30th.

Michael apologizes for the inconvenience to you, our customers, however, he also notes that Rachael is totally worth it.

Photo was taken by Summer Street Photography

Cool Things We’ve Framed Lately – Spring 2019

Cool Things We’ve Framed Lately – Spring 2019

Here is a smattering of the cool things our customers have brought in for framing recently. Hope you enjoy!

Greta Vick Abstract Set Now Available!

Greta Vick Abstract Set Now Available!

Local artist Greta Vick produces some wonderfully vibrant and textured works of art. Carter Avenue Frame Shop is happy to share that we have an abstract set of her acrylic paintings available and on display, framed in gold floater frames. Take a look here and stop in to see the real thing!

See more of Greta’s work at

10 Foot Frame for Artist’s Sketchbook

10 Foot Frame for Artist’s Sketchbook

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to work with local artist, Tara Sweeney, on a very unique project. Tara was commissioned by Augsburg College, where she is professor emeritus, to create 10 foot long, accordion style, watercolor sketchbook.

Read Artist’s Narrative on “Seeing Nature”

Seeing Nature – Watercolor Artist Book by Tara Sweeney

Given the size and three-dimensional nature of the piece, the framing process required multiple days and a variety of problem-solving techniques to complete the project. It was a fun challenge!

Joining the frame across our entire work table
Standing the frame barely fit inside the store

“Seeing Nature” is being displayed on the fourth-floor corridor of Augsburg University’s Hagofors Center for Science, Business, and Religion

Tim and Michael Keep It In the Family

Tim and Michael Keep It In the Family

Michael Completes Purchase of Carter Ave. Frame Shop March 2nd, 2019

February 23, 2019

We are happy to announce that Tim Smith, owner of Carter Ave. Frame Shop since 1985 (34 years!) will complete the sale of the store to his son Michael on March 2nd, 2019, their 60th and 30th birthdays respectively. Michael was born on Tim’s 30th birthday and started work at the shop on their birthday in 2016. On March 2nd, 2017, Michael became 25% owner. Tim plans to continue working at the shop as Michael’s employee.

In 1985, during Tim’s senior year at Luther Seminary, he purchased Carter Ave. Frame Shop with his boss Tom Lind of The Framing Place & Gallery. The original shop was 350 square feet in the basement off the parking lot of Milton Square. Tim bought out Tom in 1989 and moved the shop next to the Bibelot on Como Ave. Tim bought the building and moved the shop to its current location, 2186 Como Ave., in 1994.

Carter Ave. Frame Shop has grown over the years and has won several awards including “Best Frame Shop” by Minnesota Monthly.

Tim reports, “It has been great fun to work with Mike and to see him develop as a framer. He really knows and loves the business. I’m very proud of him, and I know the shop is in good hands.”

“I never imagined spending so much time with my dad, but we’ve gotten along great,” said Michael. “I can’t imagine a better way to have learned what I need to continue this business to the standard that Tim has set. I love working with customers and making their art look great with good design and framing. I’m hoping to continue my dad’s legacy at Carter Ave. Frame Shop.”

March 2nd will be a memorable day in the Smith family. A big birthday celebration is planned.