Celebration – by John August Swanson

We just acquired a copy of “Celebration”, one of John August Swanson’s sold out serigraphs, and now it is available for you to purchase!

“Celebration” started as an acrylic painting. It focused on the many different types of dance that brought joy to John. The scene is lit with candlelight and starlight, which is done to help make the people’s beautiful garments glow. Later, John converted the image into one of his prolific serigraphs (pictured above). As a serigraph, “Celebration” contains 50 different colors. For each color, John had to draw a separate stencil, which is then turned into a silkscreen. Each color is printed on top of one another to build up depth and create a rich chiaroscuro of darkness and light.

Stop by our shop to see it’s beauty yourself or give us a call at 651-645-7862 if you would like to purchase the print.

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