Drawings by Stefanie Kiihn: the Art of Detail

August 2017

We are thrilled to offer the wonderfully detailed and imaginative drawings of Stefanie Kiihn.  From her biography:

Stefanie Kiihn sneaks in time to draw, between work and family, just for a few short precious hours. She works at her kitchen table early in the morning or quiet weekend afternoons.  Her inspirations are the simple beautiful parts of life: the loyalty of an intrepid dog, annual vacations to Northern Minnesota and the history and community in the Twin Cities.  Her ink drawings are detailed, often taking months to lay the textures and patterns that celebrate what she holds most dear.

These must be seen in person.  Stop in to marvel at what one skilled and very patient person can accomplish.

NEWS FLASH (August 2017):  One of Stefanie’s works was accepted by the 2017 Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Exhibition.  We framed it and loved it!

You can see more of her work at www.mnartists.org/stef-kiihn


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