Dynamite Shadow Boxes for Paper Artists JUDiTH + ROLFE

We get lots of cool stuff to frame, but these were extra cool – and extra challenging to frame!  JUDiTH + ROLFE are designers doing bespoke dimensional paper art we love.  We were introduced to the work when we framed a commissioned piece for Fiskars 50th Anniversary back in 2017.

Below are some photos of the process of framing these delicate and exquisite pieces of paper art.  The white on white architectural pieces were fairly straight forward shadowboxes of different depths framed with a cool white and silver frame.

The four floral pieces required some innovative design ideas, as well as some mounting experimentation, to get the look the artist wanted.  The shadowboxes also had to be sturdy enough for shipping to California, where they will be in a gallery show.

The art is mounted to a piece of Museum Glass, then matted with extra spacers behind the mat to allow for the depth of the artwork and is protected by another piece of Museum Glass to minimize glare.  Then there were more spacers added under that package to push the black background another 5/8″ back to cause the art to throw shadows on the background.  The finishing touch was a black frame with subtle silver accents that made for an elegant presentation.  The result is a subtle dark space where the art seems to float in thin air.  The art changes as the viewer moves to view the art from different angles.  It also throws interesting shadows on the dark background.  We are very proud of how this project turned out, and the designers were very pleased, too.

The funny part of this project is that the hardest parts of the framing are two things you can’t see.  We  had to figure out a strong but invisible mount to the Museum Glass, and we had to get rid of every speck of dust from five different surfaces – both sides of two pieces of glass and the background mat.  Those were not easy tasks!  But we love a challenge, especially when the result looks like this.

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