Is it worth it to do my own framing?

If you have the right tools and skills and have lots of free time, doing your own framing can be rewarding.  If you need help with some part of your project, like the mat or the glass, for example, we are happy to help.

There is more to framing, however, than some people think.  First of all, there is the design.  Good framing is more than four sticks of lumber and a mat.  The design needs to consider the style of the art, the visual strength of the work, the era the art is from,  colors of the art, and any structural issues.  Good design makes a huge difference.  Then there is the equipment.  We use a $17,000 computerized mat cutter that cuts to within 1/1000th of an inch and gives us amazing mat-cutting capabilities.  We join our frames with a pneumatic V-nailer that nails from below to eliminate nail holes at the corners of the frame.  We have a $6000 40″X60″ heat and vacuum press to keep prints from rippling.  We have very precise wall cutters for sizing backing, mats, and glass.  We use custom framing specific hand tools to do the fitting.  We have access to the finest moulding and conservation materials available, many of which are only available to custom framers.  And we have years of experience but still continue in our framing education and research to provide you the best framing design and execution available in the industry.