What is a Certified Picture Framer?

Contrary to what many people think, the designation “CPF” on our business cards does not mean that you want to bring your taxes to us. What it does mean is that all three of us have passed a written test administered by the Professional Picture Framers Association covering a wide range of topics from the names of moulding profiles to how to properly frame a painting that’s going to be hanging on a sailboat (that’s a real question). You need to work for at least one year as a picture framer before you’re even allowed to take the test. The CPF test is difficult enough that most framers don’t pass on their first attempt (although we all did).

Basically, what the CPF designation lets you know is that you’re dealing with a framer who has experience and expertise. There is no rule that says anyone has to become a CPF before they call themselves a picture framer, but when you work with a CPF, you know that you’re not working with a minimum wage mall worker who was just hired last week.