Framing for the Holidays

As you begin planning for the holiday season, start taking out your various decorations, and making your lists, please remember to consider this about your framing…

Custom Framing Takes Time

Choosing a design for your artwork can go quickly, but the design process often takes 15-30 minutes. We know you are busy during the holidays, but please plan accordingly when making your visit to the store.

We do our best to get your art back to you in a timely manner, but we do need time to order materials and complete the framing process. Fortunately for you, our regular turnaround is about a week. Get your framing order in while there is still time!


Finding that perfect piece of art to frame for a loved one is awesome. If you need assistance shipping your art safely, we offer a “pack to ship” service that makes it easy.

For larger pieces, we recommend using acrylic rather than glass. Acrylic is lighter in weight and less likely to shatter. We also offer Optium Museum Acrylic which prevents fading, is shatter resistant, and eliminates glare.


When you are ready to start taking down your art and decorations, remember to store your art in a safe place. The ideal places for storage are dry, dark and temperature-controlled. Often the most convenient spots, like an unfinished basement, attic, or garage, are the WORST places to store art. Take care of your art, and it will last much longer!

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