Art & Framing Problems We Help Solve

These are just some of the art, framing, and installation problems we help solve:

  • Art too big to transport, frame, or hang – We can pick up, frame, deliver, and hang your oversize art and/or mirrors.
  • Hanging heavy art – We have special hardware systems designed for heavy art, as well as experience dealing with heavy art.
  • Art hung in public places that needs to be secured – We have special security hardware that discourages theft and also helps avoid accidents caused by artwork falling off the wall in high traffic areas.
  • Art difficult to hang – We hang art in all kinds of difficult situations, whether it is above a stairway, high on a wall, or in some other difficult situation.
  • Art that needs to be shipped or mailed – We safely and securely pack most kinds or art for shipping.
  • Need for a mirror in a custom or unusual size or shape – We make mirrors in almost any size, frame them in beautiful mouldings, and can even deliver and install them.
  • Damaged art that needs repair, cleaning, or restoration – We work with experienced, professional restoration specialists to help mitigate art damage, as well as use framing techniques to minimize damage.
  • Displaying art appropriately in your home or office – We can help with an art consultation to help you with the placement and installation of your art collection to its best effect.
  • Art selection – We have a large, eclectic collection of art in different media, as well as access to much more not in our inventory.  We listen to your needs, help understand your tastes, and suggest possibilities for you to consider.  We allow you to try art out in your home before acquiring it, if that is helpful.
  • Framing design – We listen to what you have in mind for your art, show you framing options you didn’t even know existed, and work with you to select the best design for your art, your taste, and your home.
  • Framing unusual, three-dimensional, or non-traditional art or artifacts – We can frame just about anything.  Our experienced designers/craftsmen have framed just about anything you can imagine wanting to frame.

  • Using framing parts you already have – If you already have a frame, or a mat, or some glass, or some other framing parts, but need help pulling it all together, we can help supply the parts you need and get your art up on your wall.