Picture Hanging Tips

Here are some pictue hanging tips to help you get those beautiful framed pictures up on your walls:

  • Use good picture hooks. The ones we give you have hardened steel pins that do very little damage to your wall, but hold a lot of weight. Use hooks appropriately sized for the size and weight of your art.  It is better to have too much holding capacity rather than too little.  Never use just a nail. It is easy for the wire to slip off causing the picture to fall.
  • Generally, pictures should be hung at eye level. In rooms where people are mostly seated, hang pictures lower.
  • Think about traffic flow when you place your art. Places that can be seen while passing through a space are great places for art. Entryways, the ends of halls, and the wall facing a door are just a few good places for art placement.
  • Put your best art in the places that give you the most visual impact. In the entry, above the sofa, and above the fireplace are usually great places for art.
  • When hanging art above furniture, be sure to hang the art low enough so that it relates to the furniture. Think about the table, lamp, and art as a grouping. Sometimes having the art somewhat off-center can be more interesting than centered, especially when balanced by a lamp or other object.
  • Be sure your art is scaled appropriately for its location. Nothing is worse than a small picture above a big sofa or bed. Single large pieces of art are needed to balance large furniture or heavy fireplaces. Save your groupings of smaller pieces for more intimate spots like hallways.
  • Be aware that there are specialty hanging systems for difficult or unusual hanging situations.  For example, there is an interlocking aluminum z-bar system that is very strong and holds heavy pictures or mirrors close to the wall.  Ask us about systems for your difficult to hang pictures.

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Art that is too small for its location
  • Too many groupings of small pictures – looks cluttered
  • Hanging art you don’t care about
  • Hanging art too high
  • Not placing art in connection with furniture and accessories
  • Hanging heavy pictures from saw-tooth hangers.  The top of the frame will bow over time.

Let us know if you need help hanging your pictures.  We do installations of all kinds including groupings, difficult to hang projects, and security installations.