Geometry Daily Prints

In his project “Geometry Daily”, Tilman Zitzmann creates a new geometric minimal composition every day. These designs make wonderful prints for the home or office!

Here are just a few examples of his works.

“I love geometry. Lines, curves, rectangles, circles, triangles. They are a simplification of our real world, but also they’re building blocks. Geometry, like physics or mathematics, defines how our world is constructed. I find endless beauty in this construction. I see God in there.

These days our lives are filled with complex dependencies. Many strive for simplicity. Me too. I want to concentrate on the relevant things. That is why I like to focus on one idea and execute it straight-forward. No-fuss. To let it shine. Also for me as a creative, it is interesting to see how much effort I have to put into the artworks to make something unique, but also as simple as possible. This is not a restriction at all, it sparks my creativity.”

Tilman Zitzman is an interaction and graphic designer from Nuremberg, Germany. He works at the local Institute of Technology and teaches interaction design.

See more of Tilmann Zitzmann’s works at

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