Have You Ever Thought of Framing a Spatula?

Neither had we, but one of our customers did (with a certificate of completion from a cooking class). We have framed a good number of odd and interesting things over the years. Here is a partial list:

  • antique fishing lures with a newspaper photo of the fisherman
  • five of Grandma’s rings
  • shadow puppets from Indonesia
  • a vertical collection of stamps from around the world (for a skinny space)
  • a child’s painting with a photo of the child artist
  • old family marriage and confirmation certificates
  • an antique shillelagh (an Irish walking stick)
  • Grandma’s crocheted doilies
  • mementos from a trip to Russia – nesting dolls, coins, stamps, postcards, a broken glass
  • chaps and spurs
  • a chunk of Astroturf from a college football stadium
  • a collection of World War II rationing booklets
  • a whole deck of collectible playing cards
  • a hole-in-one golf ball and score card
  • Napoleonic war relics – buttons, buckles, and bullets
  • a chunk or Sheetrock with a drawing on it
  • a snake skin
  • a pad of Post-It notes signed by the inventor of Post-Its

Have you figured out which of the things you have stored in your old shoe box or cedar chest would be much more interesting displayed on the wall? If we can make kitchen implements look good, just imagine what we can do with your unusual project.

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