Interesting Things We Have Framed Recently

It is always fun to see the things our customers bring us to frame.  We get beautiful and interesting art from all over the world that people collect in their travels.  We get work by artists from budding two-year-olds to established nationally known artists and everything in between.  We also get to frame lots of objects that are not, strictly speaking, art.  These objects have significant meaning to someone, so they frame them.  Here are a few of the things we have recently framed that we think are cool.


Commemorating a bush pilot who flew into a fishing camp in Canada for many years

A gift to a dedicated fan

An “emergency paint brush” complete with hammer to break the glass. For a business owner who used to be a painter – keeping his options open.

To commemorate a great day at Target Field on Opening Day.

Antique baptismal gown that has been in the family for generations.

Remembering Mom and showcasing her jewelry.

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