Interesting Things We Have Framed Recently

October 2009

We have framed lots of unusual and interesting things over the years.  Lately we have framed some pieces that seem especially personal and unique.  Several of these made for especially meaningful gifts:

o   A collection of track memorabilia  including baton, running shoes, medals, and jersey.

o   A collection of marathon medals.

o   A family heirloom three-part screen with a very detailed mural painted on it.

o   An intricate three-dimensional South American dough sculpture featuring over 50 figures engaged in all kinds of activities.

o   A collection of marathon runner numbers.

o   Queen “A Night at the Opera” album cover art.

o   A stunning Russian Orthodox icon.

o   A huge family heirloom antique Asian silk embroidery

o   A large antique French advertising poster

o   A wooden tribal mask from the Amazon

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