John August Swanson’s Latest Greatest Serigraph “The Procession”

Fans of John August Swanson, please come to Carter Ave. Frame Shop as soon as possible! You will want to see John’s latest serigraph The Procession, the most spectacular of all of John’s work. It is a reworking of his 1980 painting, now in the collection of the Vatican Museum’s Collection of Modern Religious Art. The image is a mosaic of images melded together in a procession inspired by the great churches and cathedrals of the world. John’s technical skill was put to the test. The image required 89 drawings – one for each of the 89 colors. His use of glazes, electric colors, and amazing detail makes this piece his masterwork. Here is what John has to say about The Procession:   

The great procession is a celebration of life and faith where the rich and poor march in unison; the strong carry the weak, and the weak humble the proud; those who know the dance teach those who are just learning; and a child lifts high the banner for all to follow in joy, in peace, in love. This is the reality, the spirit I want to make real in this work.

John August Swanson Procession




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