Larson Juhl Mouldings Made in America

Larson Juhl is arguably the world leader  in the manufacture and distribution of picture framing mouldings and supplies.  Larson Juhl’s people have made a big difference in our business with their quality products, service, and support.

Moulding is the stuff of which picture frames are made.  Moulding, like many products, is often imported from Asian countries, Eastern European countries, Italy, and Canada.  However, Larson Juhl maintains a strong presence in American-made moulding with its Ashland, Wisconsin, manufacturing facility.  They specialize in making beautiful moulding from American hardwoods like cherry, walnut, maple, oak, and poplar.  There are surprisingly few American moulding manufacturers, and Larson Juhl is a leader with their state-of-the-art factory in Ashland.  We also like that is made by our good neighbor, Wisconsin.  Take a look at this video of moulding being manufactured by Larson Juhl.

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