No More Framing Sales!

September 2001

Yes, you read that correctly. Carter Avenue Frame Shop will have no more framing sales. Are we crazy? Perhaps, but before you crumple up your newsletter in disgust, hear us out. Many of you commented about my newsletter column ‘When is a Sale Not a Sale’ a few years ago. I talked about a prevalent practice in the retail framing industry of jacking up ‘regular’ prices in order to advertise huge discounts (see below). We have refused to play that game. Now we are making a natural step in our evolution: no more framing sales. We will continue our standard 10% discount for pre-payment, but from now on you get our best price every day. No more waiting for sales.

“When a Sale is NOT a Sale” Revisited

As we have discussed before, many of our competitors’ framing ‘sales’ are nothing more than discounting sleight of hand. Their ‘regular’ prices start so stratospherically high that even when they give you a 50% off ‘sale’ price they can still be more expensive than our non-sale prices. You have probably seen several shops that advertise a ‘50% off the frame’ sale. Since the frame itself is only a component of an entire framing job, the ‘50%’ discount quickly dissolves into much a smaller percentage once the other materials or hidden labor charges are added in. In our opinion, that’s not playing fair.

Honestly, our sales weren’t that big of a deal to begin with. Because we keep our regular prices reasonable, and offer our 10% discount for pre-payment, the extra five percent discount during our most popular sale wasn’t that significant.

Who has Time to Wait for a Sale?

Many customers have told me that our sales provide them with incentive to dig out their art from under the bed and finally get it framed. We’re trying to make it easy for you by throwing out the deadline. You already have enough things going on in your busy life. You don’t need another deadline or another coupon to clutter up the refrigerator. Are you really going to miss calling us up and asking for an extension of the sale because you were out of town? For those nostalgic folks who must see a coupon to get their retail juices flowing we have printed a ”coupon” on the back of this newsletter. Bring it or forget it, you still get our best price every day.

Continuing Value at Carter Avenue Frame Shop

We enjoy what we do here at Carter Avenue Frame Shop and it is our pleasure to serve your framing needs. We promise to always keep our prices reasonable for the high level of quality and workmanship that we offer. Carter Avenue Frame Shop will continue to offer expert design and remain a proud fixture of St. Anthony Park. We appreciate the loyalty that you have shown us through the past twenty-six years and all of the referrals that you have given us. We respect you, our customers, and realize that you continue to know true value when you see it. We value your patronage.

Tim Smith and the Carter Avenue Frame Shop staff

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