family heirloom wedding mementos framed in a collage

Framing 3D Objects – Shadowboxes

We frame anything!  It is amazing to see all the different things we have framed over the years:

  • sports jerseys
  • antique jewelry
  • fountain pens
  • Thai shadow puppets
  • ceramic tiles
  • collector plates
  • spatulas
  • drawings on pieces of sheetrock
  • baptismal gowns
  • towels
  • antique fishing lures
  • African masks
  • wood and ivory carvings
  • antique purses
  • dog Halloween costumes
  • t-shirts
  • golf balls and hole-in-one scorecards
  • and many more things!

Almost anything can be framed in a shadowbox, a deeper than usual frame used for three-dimensional objects.  Here are just a few examples.  Stop in with your 3-D objects to talk about possibilities with our designers.


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