Saint John’s Bible Prints Now Available

If you were fortunate enough to see the Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ recent show of the calligraphy and illuminations of the Saint John’s Bible, you already know how stunning this work is. If you missed the show, here’s the scoop. The monks of Saint John’s Abbey and University, Collegeville, Minnesota, have commissioned the first hand-written and illuminated Bible to be completed in the last five hundred years! It is a unique blend of ancient methods, materials, and tools with modern themes, images, technology, and text. And the art and calligraphy are gorgeous! This work must be seen to be appreciated.

We’re thrilled to have giclee prints of many of their best illuminations. Giclees are available by special order of any page or two-page spread of the whole Bible. We don’t usually carry books, but we have made an exception so we can carry this beautiful work. The book will be available in seven volumes, with the first one, GOSPELS AND ACTS, available now, with the rest to follow in the next couple of years. There is a companion book, Illuminating the Word, which tells the story of how this project started, with loads of information about the materials, techniques, and artists involved in this $4 million project. The BBC produced a fascinating documentary of the project, which we have available on DVD and VHS, as well.

To see these prints online, go to their website, (available on our links page). Let us know what you want. We can order them for you.

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