Big Impact with BIG ART

There is nothing like a large work of art for making a big visual statement in a room.  Sometimes a single commanding work of art is all a room needs.  Big art means big visual impact.  But large works of art often present a number of challenges to the owner of the art, as well as to his/her framer.  Here are some considerations in the framing and display of your big art:

  • Large works of art can make a room!  Big art can be a commanding presence in a room.  It is hard to reproduce this visual impact with even a grouping of smaller pieces.
  • Some spaces seem to require large art.  If you have high ceilings, large open spaces, and/or large architectural elements like a grand fireplace, you may need larger art than you have considered in the past.
  • We can help with larger scale frames and framing treatments to provide appropriate structure and visual strength for large art.
  • We have special hardware and hanging systems to securely hang your large art.We offer pickup and delivery of your big art, if you need it.
  • Don’t let the challenges hold you back from the big art payoff.  We can help.  We have been helping customers acquire large art, frame it beautifully, and display it for maximum impact and enjoyment.  Solving art and framing problems is what we do.