The Importance of Good Design

I love beautiful things, and my guess is you do, too.  You name it – furniture, jewelry, clothes, art, flatware, tableware, pottery, and buildings.  It is hard not to admire beautiful objects wherever you find them.  I’m a bit of a student of design.  When my wife and I travel, we often end up in museums where some of the most beautiful things have been collected.  We also love to visit historic buildings and buildings designed by important architects.  We love visiting antique stores where you can see some of the best design from different time periods.

Whenever I see something I think is particularly beautiful, I try to analyze what it is that the designer did right to make the thing beautiful.  Of course, beauty is somewhat subjective, but not completely so.  There are clearly some design principles that apply to the vast majority of items in any class.  It is also amazing how often designers get things wrong.  As you can tell from the Arts & Crafts furniture in the store, I am a big fan of that style.  When you look at Arts & Crafts furniture, you see the whole gamut of quality.  Some of the furniture is well proportioned with beautiful wood beautifully finished.  The good pieces also fulfill their intended purposes well.  On the other hand, it is not difficult to find ill-proportioned badly-constructed pieces that are just plain clunky and ugly.  Good designers know how to use things like color, contrast, finish, texture, proportion, and scale to make beautiful and functional things that we love to look at, touch, and use.  Bad design makes stuff ugly, useless, distracting, and irritating.

Picture framing is not rocket science, but it is amazing how much badly-designed framing is out there.  Even if the materials are good quality, picking the wrong color combination or making the mat too narrow can mess up a framing treatment and distract from the art.  Using the right amount of contrast highlights the internal contrasts in the art.  Using appropriate frames and good proportions provides a beautiful space for the art to inhabit and draws the viewer’s eye to the art, not away from it.  The right period frame can help put the art in historic context or help it blend in a period interior.

We are very proud of our framing designs and our designers.  At Carter Ave. Frame Shop our designers are all seasoned professionals with many years of experience.  That experience has taught us what works in framing design, what doesn’t, and how to put the pieces together to set off your art to best effect.  We also keep in mind conservation of your art, your budget, your desires, and your décor.  Let us help you select the perfect design for your art for the lasting enjoyment you deserve.

Mucha's gorgeous Art Nouveau design framed in a coordinating Art Nouveau watergilded frame and fillet with a linen mat

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