Tim Stars on Rehab Addict

October 2014

OK, maybe not “stars,” but appears anyway.  Back in June we got a call from a Rehab Addict producer asking if they could film in our store.  Rehab Addict is an HGTV/DIY Network series starring Nicole Curtis, who buys distressed properties and restores them to former glory.  She was working on restoring a down and out Summit Avenue mansion when she came across some historic newspapers that she wanted to have custom framed to display in the house. Enter Tim and Carter Ave. Frame Shop.  So Nicole and her film crew spent time at Carter Ave. Frame Shop two times, once to film the design process, and once to film the framing process.  It was fun for us and for our customers.  One star-struck customer got pictures with Nicole and an autograph. The episode “Living Room Cover Up” aired first on October 16th, 2014, but can be seen in reruns or online.  If you want to see Tim in his television debut, check out Rehab Addict, season 5, Living Room Cover Up (episode 4).  By the way, Tim is keeping his day job.

Watch Carter Ave. Frame Shop on Rehab Addict

Visit Nicole Curtis’s HGTV page


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