Tim’s New York Art Experience

May 2014

Each spring Tim uses ArtExpo as an excuse to go to New York, buy art, visit friends, go to museums, walk around New York, make new friends at bars and restaurants, hear some jazz, and do some shopping.  This year was no different.  One of the highlights of this trip was his visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It’s always moving to see so much great art, but this year Tim watched an artist doing a stunning drawing of a Harriet Frishmuth sculpture “The Vine”.  Tim and his wife Karen are great admirers of Frishmuth sculptures.  There are two of them at the Como Conservatory that Karen wants for her garden.  Anyway, Tim was struck by the drawing and asked the artist Dwight if he would be willing to sell his drawing.  Dwight said yes, but that he still had work to do on the base.  A deal was struck,  cash traded hands, and Tim was the proud owner of a gorgeous work of art and a great memory of his trip.  After Tim had difficulty connecting with the artist to receive the painting, Dwight delivered the drawing to Tim’s friend Bruce, who kindly shipped it to Tim at the shop.  These photos show Dwight and his drawing and the finished product with an Art Nouveau silver leaf frame.


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