Water Gilded Frames from Larson Juhl

Some of our favorite mouldings are Larson Juhl’s water gilded frames from their hundred-year-old French factory in the village of Hazebrouk.  Water gilding is the centuries-old process of applying gold leaf, silver leaf, and other metal leafs to picture moulding.  Water gilded frames are some of the most beautiful in existence.  The company, Senelar, was founded in 1903 and acquired by Larson Juhl in 1995.  We have been honored to carry their frames ever since.

Of course, water gilded frames are not appropriate for every work of art, but when they are, they are fabulous.  The best part is that they do not cost as much as you would think, considering the amount of handcrafting.  Stop in soon to see if your piece of art needs a water gilded frame.

Check out the link below to see Larson Juhl’s video showing the water gilding process:

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